Why Wonder Label™?

Wonder Label™ are super-durable, waterproof sticker labels designed to keep clothes and personal belongings safe. Label it don't lose it!

Our stick-on personalised name labels are washable and heat resistant making them suitable for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and microwaves. 

Wonder Labels are designed for...

  • Parents with children in primary schools and creches, places where it's difficult for young children to keep track of their things.
  • Older children and grown-ups who want to keep track of expensive items, items in the workplace, and things they value.

The clever benefits of Wonder Label...

  • Any items labelled with Wonder Label™ can be washed and heated as normal.
  • Increases the chance of items taken outside the home, and getting lost or mixed up, finding their way back.
  • Designed to last the life of your garment and be extra-resistant to daily life.
  • Easy to use sticker labels make labelling multiple items a breeze.
  • No ironing required - perfect for busy families!

Stick Wonder Labels™ on school uniforms, school supplies, bikes, scooters, helmets, golf clubs, photography equipment, drinks bottles, lunch boxes, linens, laptops, favourite teddies…

...anything you treasure.


Why you'll love Wonder Label™ 

  • FREE worldwide Shipping
  • Washing Machine and Dryer safe
  • Dishwasher Safe – Waterproof & Weatherproof
  • Peel and Stick - Easy to Apply
  • The Super sticky stickers that Stay Stuck
  • Easy to Order

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