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We Want To Make Living a Wonderful Family Life Possible, Every Single Day

That's why My Little Wonderful have developed a range of products and services that help families keep their lives a little less hectic and a little more wonderful.

Getting organised has just gotten a whole lot easier! From new arrivals to big occasions, family life can be really busy. With so much to plan and keep tabs on, just keeping all the balls in the air can feel exhausting. I know that feeling!

A few changes here and there can make a big difference.  A little organisation and planning can allow you to make the most of family life.  It means even more great family moments, fewer last-minute decisions, and a lot more time spent with those you love.  

For me, it started with post-it notes of daily tasks. And by habitually using planners, labels, and other techniques, I almost accidentally created a blueprint for a more organised family life.  At My Little Wonderful, we know our range of products can really help out parents everywhere to get the absolute most from every precious minute that makes up everyday family life.

Have a look through our products and see for yourself.

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A Little More About Me

Jen Lawlor knows all about the chaos and clutter of family life! With three active boys and a busy family life she has always seen the value of organisation. In fact, Jen’s interest in maintaining a clutter-free life led her to discovering the KonMari Method™. She travelled to London in 2019 to train with Marie Kondo and is a fully certified KonMari consultant. Jen truly believes in the benefits of being as organised as you can and is spreading the word about the joys of a more organised family life.

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Our Boys

The Joy Is In The Journey

Our mission is to make living a wonderful family life possible every single day.

Being a parent isn't about having all the answers, it’s about seeing the potential…

It is our goal to be your go-to resource for anything related to home, family, organisation, happiness and more. And to find you simple solutions that really work.


This Is Only The Beginning

Welcome to My Little Wonderful; your little corner of the world.

This is the mess, the chaos, the calm, the love, the joy, the journey, and all those wonderful moments in between. It's what life is all about.

I’m super excited about what the future holds. 

Follow along, navigate your journey and with us create your own 'My Little Wonderful’.