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The KonMari Method™ of organising
At My Little Wonderful we believe in using the KonMari Method™ to bring calm, focus and joy to family life.

Most tidying methods start by decluttering room-by-room. The KonMari Method™, with its unique category-by-category system, follows a precise order. This simplifies your home, organises your space and transforms your life.

Why the KonMari Method™ is perfect for family life
Clearing clutter from your home makes way for the life you want to live. I have experienced this first hand, and know how life-changing the effects can be on family life. 

After travelling to London in 2019 to train with Marie Kondo and her team I became a fully certified KonMari consultant. I now personally visit family homes, offer one-on-one assistance, and use the KonMari Method™ to organise their space.

By keeping only those things you absolutely love or need, and discarding items that no longer spark joy, you will begin to discover your life’s true purpose and will be able to focus on what truly matters.

You will gain clarity that no other tidying method can give you; not only for you and your home but for your family life as well. 

If you want to defeat clutter once and for all and tidy up for a joyful life, contact us for a free phone consultation, and see how this method could work for you too.

Our services include:

- Five hour in-home decluttering session with one certified consultant

During our 5 hour in-home session your consultant will help you to take inventory of your current situation and establish your objectives. After discussing your goals we then apply the method and philosophy to a category in your home. The first category of the KonMari method is clothing, followed by books, papers, Komono (all other miscellaneous categories), and finally sentimental items. Read more

- Three day in-home tidying festival with one certified consultant

Our three day in-home tidying festival is currently our most popular service. During this 15 hour session spread out over three days we take a deep dive with you into the KonMari method and apply it to your home.

- Five day in-home tidying festival with two certified consultants

With the help of two fully certified KonMari consultants working with you in your home over a five day period we will declutter your entire home and complete the KonMari method achieving a home that is completely decluttered, organised and ready for you to discover your life's true purpose, giving you clarity to focus on what truly matters.

- Three hour virtual tidying session

This three hour virtual tidying session is conducted over Zoom. We will guide you during the tidying session, helping you discover what items spark joy to you and guide you on the correct way to organise and store items you choose to keep. 

- 1.5 hour virtual coaching session

In our virtual coaching session we will answer your questions and teach you how to apply the KonMari method to your home. This is perfect for people who want to tackle their homes themselves but need a little help to get started. This virtual coaching session is also a popular gift.

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