Copy of Our Story - May 22

They say most companies begin life by creating a simple product to solve a simple problem.

My story is no different.

My problem?

My boys are a disaster at keeping their belongings safe.

They lose things all the time. Jumpers, lunchboxes, helmets, toys.

You name it, they lose it.

Our Boys


So, in 2018 Wonder Label was born. Personalised, durable stick-on labels for the things kids lose.

It was a simple idea but the vision was big.

I knew I had created something special. Wonder Labels solved a frustrating and often expensive problem for parents.

But I wanted to do more. More than labels.

I wanted to take Wonder Label to the next level but at the same time it was really important to me to stay true to why I started.

To help busy moms live an easier life.

I had lots of ideas, but needed a little help putting those ideas into action. Lucky for me my husband, David is a graphic designer and his brother, Aidan is a Marketer.

They were there from the very beginning of Wonder Label and felt as passionate as I did about my vision to move beyond labels.

They excitedly came on board, and together we made a plan to not only help busy moms live an easier life but to help families live a wonderful life!

The KonMari Method™ 

I knew my strengths were in organising. 
Wonder Label was just the start of my journey. It allowed me to pursue my passion and gave me the desire to learn more about how life-changing organising can be. 

That was when I decided to train and become a fully certified KonMari consultant.

I had always loved Marie Kondo’s methods, and saw how they could be applied perfectly to family life. 

After travelling to London to train with Marie Kondo and her team, I qualified as a KonMari consultant in 2020, and with that, my vision for a family brand started to become a reality.

Every day, I would have new ideas for products that could help parents in lots of different areas of their lives. Not just with labels and organising. But in productivity, family life, wellness, the list went on and the ideas kept coming.

The Joy is in the Journey

We are taking it slowly, adapting our plans along the way, taking small steps, and always learning as we go. And we want to bring you along on the journey.

As our ideas and plans unfold we aim to inspire more families to live wonderfully everyday with:

  • Easy organisation tips
  • Simple tricks to make tasks more manageable 
  • New clever products
  • Wellness articles
  • Healthy recipes
  • Happiness hacks for family life
  • Relatable articles about the ups and downs of raising children

Our mission is to make living a wonderful family life possible every single day.

Being a parent isn't about having all the answers, it’s about seeing the potential…

It is our goal to be your go-to resource for anything related to home, family, organisation, wellness, happiness and more. And to find you simple solutions that really work.

This is only the beginning

Welcome to My Little Wonderful; your little corner of the world.

This is the mess, the chaos, the calm, the love, the joy, the journey, and all those wonderful moments in between.

This is what life is all about.

I’m super excited about what the future holds.

Follow along, navigate your journey and with us create your own 'My Little Wonderful’.



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