What Happens During a KonMari Session?

What Happens During a KonMari Session?

When I tell people I’m a KonMari consultant I’m often asked what exactly happens during a KonMari session. I love talking about the KonMari Method and the type of work I do in peoples homes!

So, here is a small introduction into what happens when you open the door to a KonMari consultant. I hope this helps you understand the KonMari services we offer a little bit more and also encourages you to live a life that sparks lots of joy.

Stage One:

Once the initial 20 minute no-obligation phone call has taken place we will send you a list of what you need to prepare for your first session with us. Your very first session will take approximately 5 hours.

Stage Two:

This is when we visit your home to begin your session, it will often be the first time we meet a new client. We will have a detailed conversation with you about what problems you have with clutter and talk about the vision you have for your home going forward. This vision will be the foundation of all the decisions you will make moving forward and is a very important stage of the process.

Stage three:

Next is the house tour. Together we will walk through each room of your home while you explain the pains, objectives and wishes you have for the session in your home. We will start to get a sense of how you have been functioning up until now and see where there’s room for improvement. 

Stage four:

Following the KonMari method’s five categories, the first session will focus on clothing. With our help, you will collect every single piece of clothing you own and gather everything in one spot, usually a large flat surface like your bed or dining table. Once every item of clothing has been collected from every area of the home and grouped together this is called ‘the pile’! The creation of the pile allows you to do an inventory of everything you own in one category. It works as a big reality check! “I had no idea I owned so many clothes” or “I’ve been looking for this scarf for so long!” are often comments we hear. 

Stage five:

Now it’s time to make decisions! We will ask you to take each item of clothing in your hands and then ask “does it spark joy?”. This question is the principle of the KonMari method. If the answer is “yes”, you will keep the item with confidence and conviction. If the answer is “no”, you will let it go. You will donate it, sell it or throw it out but always with gratitude. Gratitude plays a huge role in the KonMari process, the gratitude you feel towards your home and also to the items that have come into your life. You don’t necessarily have to thank every single item aloud but you do need to feel gratitude towards each item whether you chose to keep that item or not.

Stage six:

The folding lesson. We love this part of the session, especially seeing the look on people's faces who have never seen or used the vertical folding technique. This is also the time when we begin to organise all the items you have decided to keep into sub categories - underwear, t-shirts, shirts, coats etc. and allocate storage locations for them. We will also guide you through the items that are best stored folded and which items should be hung.

Stage seven:

At this stage of the session we will begin the process of storing your clothing - all items that spark joy to you. We will also suggest lots of creative tips and tricks for efficient storage and organisation. This is also the time when we will evaluate what type of storage solutions you might already have. We try to use and reuse as many storage solutions you have available - these can be boxes, containers, anything you have to hand that can be used to store your clothing in a way that is easy, convenient and efficient for you. If we believe alternative storage options would serve you better,  we will wait until the end of the session or ideally the end of all sessions, to assess and suggest other storage options. We will then write you a list of ideal storing solutions tailored to your needs.

Stage eight: 

At the final stage of your session we will recap your KonMari session with you. If the clothing category has not been completed in the five hour time-frame we will assign ‘homework’ for you to carry out to complete the clothing category. Alternatively, if you decide you would like to move forward together we will schedule another session. The session time will depend on the amount of work left to complete. We will then send you a post session email with elements discussed during the session and advice on how to keep your home clean, clear, and clutter free: and of course filled with joy!

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