Three Simple Habits To Start Before January

Three Simple Habits To Start Before January

Why wait until next weekend! Start these three great habits now and kick 2022 off to a flying start!

Nightly cleandown

End each day with a tidy home. Just after dinner get everybody involved in clearing plates away. Once the kitchen is clean and tidy then ask everyone to tidy away all their belongings from downstairs - shoes at the door get put away; pens, copybooks and toys get put back where they belong. The nightly cleandown is basically a general tidy of the house with everyone involved taking less than five or ten minutes. It means this task doesn’t get left to just one person and this nightly ritual means you end the day with a clean and tidy home and also wake up to one the following day!

Monthly toy and clothing declutter

The quiet week between Christmas and New Year is a great time to go through kids toys especially after the recent arrival of gifts! But why not go through all their clothes too. Growing kids regularly need to donate or hand down outgrown clothing. We all know how out of control toy clutter can get and can quickly take over an entire home. Keep on top of toy build up by doing it regularly. And once finished why not schedule a regular monthly toy and clothing clear out? It’s a great way to spend time doing something productive together and a super way to keep on top of that clutter.

Prep for the following day

Write out any must-do tasks for the following day. It’s a great feeling knowing everything is under control and nothing has slipped through the cracks. Also preparing for the following morning like gathering together items for school or laying out clothes can help keep your mind free of any unnecessary thoughts and really calm you down before bedtime. I write out any ‘must do’ tasks at least an hour before bed so my mind has time to relax and I'm not thinking about to-do lists right before bed.


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