How Getting Organised Can Change Your Life

How Getting Organised Can Change Your Life

I’ve always been organised, even as a child I remember having a tidy bedroom, and believe it or not actually decluttering regularly! Then… fast-forward 20 plus years, my bedroom (and home!) got really, really messy. Like lots of parents, I found it difficult to get a handle on my home after little ones arrived. Each new addition came with more stuff. As life got busier our home got even messier and crammed with stuff that we didn’t need. Added to that, the tiredness and overwhelm that came with being a parent just wasn’t the ideal scenario for feeling motivated to get and stay organised.  

When I stumbled across Marie Kondo’s book one day on a promotions table in Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street I knew it had come into my life at the exact right time. Once I finished the book it completely motivated me to start, and to say it was life-changing… well!

Now that my home has finally been reset and is back to how I like it - calm, organised, with systems in place to keep it that way - I started thinking about what the best changes have been in our home and lives since our entire home has been decluttered and organised. 

The more I thought about it the more I realised it’s been without a doubt, more peace, more time and being quickly able to put my home back in order…


No 1. Peace and calm

An organised home has the wonderful ability to effect the way we feel so of course my number one reason for having an organised home is to create a sense of peace and calm. Paring back and getting organised took me from feeling stressed-out in my own home to a space that now feels peaceful, comfortable and wonderful to live in.


No. 2 Being quickly able to reset my home

This is something I feel grateful for every single day now that I have an organised space again. My home can go from crazy chaotic mess to tidy calm, in sometimes only a matter of minutes. I can quickly put the house back together after the breakfast and school-lunch prep before I start work. In the evening-time our nightly cleandown (the time when everyone puts their belongings from the day away and tidies up) usually takes no more than 5 minutes depending on what went on that day. 


No. 3 More time

There’s no more time spent chasing my tail or wasting time looking for things. Having a home for everything makes it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. Having an organised space with systems set up for everyday tasks helps my home-life run easily and smoothly. And that means more time for me as well as extra time for family and friends.

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