The 'Ultimate' Leftover Sandwich

The 'Ultimate' Leftover Sandwich

Christmas Day, wonderful and special as it is, can be somewhat stressful.

We're hopeful that our little ones made it onto the good list, and when they have that they get all they wished for. We're tired because we stayed up past twelve on Christmas Eve making sure the fire we lit was at an acceptable level for Santa to make it down the chimney. We were definitely up far too early on Christmas morning in anticipation, crossing our fingers that Santa found the right house and delivered the goods! There's relief, food prep, fancy clothes, presentable kids, laughter, singing, jokes, the odd squabble, and everything in between. We try to remember what it's all really about but so many other things take over and by the time we get into bed we think what a lovely, special day it was but Jesus, Mary and Joseph I wonder did you ever realise what a huge amount of fuss and silliness we would get up to celebrating the night baby Jesus was born?!

While Christmas is lively and vibrant there's a huge shift on St. Stephens day. We breathe a sigh of relief, pull on our slippers and chill. There's not much to do compared to the day before. From the time we wake up the day seems remarkably uneventful but sometimes that's even more special. We have ample time to think about what matters most and enjoy the little things. The monumental dinner the day before turns into a turkey sandwich and we ring around the grandparents to see who's house is willing to do a leftover dinner for five.

Happy Christmas, happy St. Stephen's Day and thank you for following along on our My Little Wonderful journey in 2021. xxx


What you'll need:

  • Turkey, sliced
  • Ham, sliced
  • Chestnut stuffing
  • Grated gruyere
  • Deli coleslaw
  • Cranberry sauce

How to make it:

I'm not going to tell you how to make a sandwich but if you use sliced bloomer bread, and layer the ingredients like so, I think you'll be happy....

Butter both insides of the bread.

Spread a generous layer of cranberry sauce on one side.

layer the other slice with turkey slices, ham, stuffing, grated gruyere and coleslaw. Pop the bread layered with cranberry on top.

Slice and serve, relishing the slower pace Stephen's day brings.

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