Seven Easy Ways To Simplify Your Week

Seven Easy Ways To Simplify Your Week
It's easy to feel out of control as the weeks get busy, and we know all too well that December can be one of the most stressful months of the year! As tasks pile up, from scheduling time to shop for gifts to extra social events taking over our calendars, the holiday season as wonderful as it is can also be super demanding.
We have seven easy tips below to help you simplify your week with practical ways to cut out holiday stress and bring back the magic of Christmas.
  1. Find a planner you love! Use it to set tangible goals at the beginning of the week to achieve by Friday.
  2. Keep a list of daily tasks that need to be completed. Cross them off as you finish each item.
  3. Let go of the worries you cannot control by doing a mind sweep - writing them down and getting them out of your head.
  4. Look at your calendar and try to find one item to eliminate to create some free time.
  5. Disconnect from your phone by reducing screen time and reclaiming your productivity.
  6. Prepare for tomorrow – lay out your clothes and items needed for the following day the night before. 
  7. Savour 15 minutes of alone time each day.  

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