Seven Simple Holiday Hacks

Seven Simple Holiday Hacks

Last August we finally made it on a plane! We had to wait for vaccines to kick in so our holiday was pushed back a little but when the time came we were all so happy and excited to finally be heading to the sun.

As you know, I always want things to be as simple and easy as possible but even more so when I’m in holiday mode. As soon as we arrived in sunny Spain we used lots of foolproof holiday hacks, some we’ve used over the years and also a couple of great new ones.

So if you’re heading abroad this summer here are our top tips to make your holiday that little bit easier!


Spare sunglasses case

When on the beach, use an old sunglasses case to keep small things, like earphones and jewellery safe.


Frozen bottles of water

Freeze your water bottles the night before. When you’re on the beach, your water will stay ice cold for longer.


USB socket on TV

If plug sockets are in short supply in your apartment or hotel room, plug your phone/kindle/headphone charger into the USB port in the television.


Turn crocs and Flip flops upside down

When by the pool or on the beach place crocs and flip flops upside down before lounging in the sun or hitting the water, they won’t be exposed to the sun and won’t burn your feet when you put them back on.


Back packs for the kids

We use these every year! They're a godsend in restaurants filled with copybooks and crayons to keep kids entertained, perfect for travel days, great for beach days - and of course labelled with Wonder Labels in case they ever get misplaced!


Sandwich bag for plane

An essential with kids! Perfect to pop rubbish in if needed or to store all the things they hand you to mind :-)


The ‘Holiday bowl’

When staying in an apartment or holiday rental have a bowl for throwing in all the odd bits and pieces that don't have a home. Rental car keys, goggles, key cards - any small bits that don't have a specific place.


Wonder Labels 

For when having labeled items on holiday just makes life that little bit easier. Think goggles (we’ve three pairs the same colour!), body boards, travel bags, the list is endless!!

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