My Top 5 Organising Mantras

My Top 5 Organising Mantras

Read on to find my top five organising mantras, the ones that are quite literally game changers for living a more organised family life!


A place for everything and everything in it's place

The holy grail of mantras! If I had to pick one organising mantra to live by this would be it. I know first hand the impact having a place for everything and everything in its place can have on people's lives. Especially for families. Not only does it bring order, it also brings clarity and calm. The practice of orderly storage so the right item can be picked efficiently and easy for everyone in the whole family to locate (from little ones to grown ups!!) is absolutely essential for family living.

Don't put it down, put it away

I feel like I say this one the most to my kids! For that reason not only is this a great mantra it's also a really good house rule too. When we get home after school and bags, coats, shoes and lunch boxes get put away I repeat this A LOT! 

If you can do it now, do it now

I love this one! Really it's the same as the two minute rule - if it takes less than two minutes to do, do it now. Why put off until tomorrow what you can finish today? Tackle as many of the little things that pop up each day that you can. You’ll free up space on your to-do list and in your mind.

Don't leave a room empty handed 

Another great one for kids to hear and hopefully remember! When you consistently take a few seconds to redistribute things to where they belong, you’ll find that clutter doesn’t have a chance to pile up and it becomes much more manageable.

Clutter collects clutter

It's really amazing how clutter's like a magnet. As soon as clutter starts, it multiplies and it's not long before it can feel overwhelming. The bigger the pile of clutter, the stronger the magnetic pull to more stuff. Yesterday's dropped post will attract today's letters and leaflets, which will attract tomorrow's! The magnetism of piled up clutter is so strong that, even when the surface is full, new clutter will pile up next to it and the cycle starts all over again.

Watch out for these common clutter magnets:

  • Kitchen tables
  • Hall tables
  • Beside lockers
  • Armchairs in bedrooms

Another mantra I love, that ties in really well with 'clutter collects clutter' - 'Later' is the best friend of clutter'!


Remember, a few changes here and there can make a big difference to daily family life! Onwards and upwards.


Jen x

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