Managing Home And Work Life

Managing Home And Work Life

As this is productivity month at My Little Wonderful I wanted to share three things that have been instrumental in managing my home and work life.


Get a good night’s sleep

I’m currently writing a three-part sleep series post on our journal with tips on how to not only prepare for sleep throughout the day, but also the best ways to wind down before bedtime, and also how to get the best quality sleep during the night. I've always been fascinated by the subject. I can really feel the amazing benefits when I get the correct amount of good quality sleep. I’m more patient, I can problem-solve more easily, and I’m much more productive.

Find your weekly flow and make it easy!

I heard something recently from Greg McKeown (author and public speaker) that really resonated with me, he asked ‘What does easy look like?’. I loved this immediately and think it’s important to always remember this when trying to manage both work and family life. When I’m relating this to work I plan my days and work times when I know I’m most productive at certain tasks. For example, I like to write content early in the day each Thursday and Friday as this is a time when I can think clearly and when I feel most creative. I leave deep work for Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and tackle all home tasks on a Monday so I’m going into my week with a clear head, a tidy house, and feeling organised! When I’m applying ‘what does easy look like?’ in family life I try as much as I can to make things as simple as possible and I try really hard to remember progress over perfection! Not easy for me to do! 


Stay organised

Staying organised is my saviour and probably my secret power if I have one! Doing things like pre-planning meals for the week, having everything prepared the night before, and keeping a to-do list are all things I do daily to stay organized and keep on top of things. And planning out my days and weeks helps me remember to schedule ‘me time’ too!


Life is a work in progress. I’m learning everyday, and some days things work out and some days they don’t. Onwards and upwards.


Jen x

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