February Reminders

February Reminders

Gentle reminders to keep us on track for the month ahead!


February 1st 2022: Chinese New Year

February 2nd 2022: Groundhog day

February 8th 2022: Clean windows in preparation for spring light

February 12th 2022: Design and create Valentine's cards with the kids 

February 13th 2022: Make Valentine's cookies and treats for gifts

February 14th 2022: Valentine's day

February 17th 2022: Random acts of kindness day

February 19th 2022: Make jelly with the boys for an easy weekend dessert

February 24th 2022: Mid-term break

February 25th 2022: Mid-term break 

February 26th 2022: Cousin Rain’s birthday party 

February 27th 2022: Beach walk with the family 

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