Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

If you’re looking for new family Christmas traditions, there’s plenty of possibilities. To help, we’ve picked out some of our favourites! 

Tour the Christmas lights

Once the sun goes down, consider loading the whole family into a car to go see all the different neighbourhood Christmas lights. Bring travel mugs full of hot chocolate and enjoy all the different Christmas displays for an extra special Christmas tradition.

Bake cookies for Santa

Baking cookies for Santa remains one of the tastiest Christmas traditions. Research ideas for Christmas cookie decoration beforehand, and don’t forget to leave out a few carrots for the reindeer.

Host a Christmas eve game night

Turn Christmas Eve into a festive annual game night. Fill the night with plenty of fun Christmas party games, snacks, and Christmas music too!

Watch a Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate

Does your family have a favourite Christmas movie you like to watch every year? If so, consider making it one of your family Christmas traditions by scheduling time for it on Christmas Eve. Snuggle up in your pajamas, make a mug of hot chocolate, and pop some popcorn for a relaxing Christmas Eve.

Go ice skating

Ice skating makes for a perfect holiday activity, there are even special ice rinks that pop up locally just for the cold months. Take the family, rent some skates, and make sure to take plenty of photos of all the fun you’ll have.

Make Christmas cards

A wonderful creative tradition. Involve the rest of the family in the process too and make it a fun family tradition for the years to come.

Make a gingerbread house

If you decide to make the gingerbread from scratch, consider baking the cookie ahead of time to give it time to harden for building. Use the kids’ favorite treats and build your house in any design you want. 

Go on a winter hike

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