What We Believe / Our Manifesto

We prefer the personal to the perfect, and when it comes to family life, we're broad-minded, pro-improvising, and all about mixing things up: Kon Mari meets Atomic habits That said, we do have a few firmly held beliefs:


Outer Order brings inner calm

Outer Order brings Inner Calm

Organise what you love, discard what you don’t. Our physical environment colours our emotional experience, and when our bodies are in a place that’s orderly our minds become more serene.

Making choices, creating order and finally cultivating helpful habits to maintain that order are three important steps to bringing outer order and more creativity and calm into our lives.


Slow Down

Slow Down

When we slow down, we can relearn to take pleasure in the moment; a skill young children inherently have. We become fascinated with what we are doing and those around us. 

By slowing down and taking small steps, we set our mental compass in an intentional direction.


Family First

While this relates to our immediate family, this value also reminds us to connect and support our wider community. Kinship gives us a solid foundation from which to learn from and grow. It nurtures us to be the best we can be, providing us with love, care, camaraderie, life lessons, values, independence, and the many qualities so important for a better world.

Strong communities are an extension of our families and we strive to build this type of environment.


Living Simply

Living simply is not about minimalism, but instead about taking away distractions. By eliminating everything that is not essential, we can make the highest possible contribution towards the things that really matter. These distractions could be anything from items in our homes to events on our schedule, anything preventing us from living the life of our dreams.

Simplicity creates efficiency, clarity and a clear direction. It also highlights what’s most important.


Dream Big

Dream Big is an optimistic belief in our potential for improvement. A belief in the power of the body and mind to carry us to where we need to go; for a wonderful life, for continuous improvement, for ever-higher standards, and for achieving our potential.

People will find they are capable of so much when given the opportunity to dream. 


Little habits

Little Habits are the starting point to making big positive changes to how we live. Little habits not only change how we do things but change how we think and act. By making a practice of following little habits, you will affect some pretty major change.

Small daily habits lead to long term growth



Find your little Wonderful

We share insights from our journey on the last Sunday or every month. We call it the Sunday Sit-down. A time to grab a cup of tea or coffee and slow down. Sign up below.